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Inspired by the Arabic language, Mimbar is a pulpit in a mosque where the prayer leader or Imam stands to deliver sermons or Khutbah. Usually, the Mimbar is placed higher than the congregation who shall focus all attention to lectures given by the Imam, just like a reference center.

Meembar is a reference center for Muslims in search of Halal restaurants, hotels and mosques – nearby or in distanced locations. We are continuously expanding our database to provide you with the best selection and content right at your fingertips. Explore Meembar and be part of our community!

  • Authenticated data from global Halal Certification Bodies.
  • Information on Muslim-friendly places contributed by users worldwide.
  • Discover great Halal restaurants nearby. Look up to read reviews and ratings, opening hours, pictures and directions.
  • Suggest Halal eating premises and mosques, update photos and images, share to social media, engage with friends and stay connected with the worldwide community.
  • Check Qibla direction, read the Holy Quran or listen to its audio recitation and never miss your prayer time.

The Meembar app does more than keep you updated with your friends and interests; it is also a platform for the travelling community to share information about Halal food and Muslim conveniences at global locations. Users are able review, suggest and upload pictures for the benefit of other Muslims. With your help, this Halal journey will be more pleasant and satisfying.