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The Story

Our Philosophy

The need to travel and satiate ourselves with enriching experience is in our genes. It is what makes us humans. Meembar facilitates this process for Muslims by providing relevant and timely information for them to practice Islam consistently wherever they may go.

As travellers, we understand the difficulties Muslims are faced with when touring or vacationing. The lack of information compounded with possible language barriers may not be helpful to locate Halal eateries and praying facilities.

Introducing Meembar, a mobile app designed specifically to address these issues. Even for non-Muslims, this app can be used when hosting Muslim guests from another countries. Additionally, Meembar has an enabling feature that encourages input from users for the benefit of other Muslims.

Meembar was just recently launched. Its current functionalities is planned to be expanded with many exciting immersive capabilities that are surely to make the app the sole app for Muslims travellers.